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Zoey And The Nice Guy

A frenemies-to-lovers romance.


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Zoey has a fiery temper. Kellen prefers to avoid conflict. When a mutual friend needs their help, the two must find a way to work together. Which, as it turns out, isn’t so unpleasant after all.

Maya And The Tough Guy

A second chance at a first love.


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Now that Maya has finally left her abusive husband, she turns to her longtime friends for support. But Jayce wants to give her far more than that.

Addy And The Smart Guy

A novel about first times.


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Addy and Grey, in a fit of Spring Break fever, at last gives in to temptation. But their teacher-student status turns out to be the smallest obstacle in their path to love.

The Closer You Get

His wake up call…Her awakening.


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“We have two love stories in one here, and I just adored both of them!” Christy Herself

The Closer You Get is a story of home, family, and friends.  My favorite part of the book is how Rye sacrificed and protected his brother, Cash.” Cruising Susan Author Promos

Without You Here

She’s his second chance at life.


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“I really enjoyed this book and the innocent love that brought an honest man to his knees and broke him out of his rut in life, but also breathed life into his world…” HEA Bookshelf

“There were lovely, winding, knotted relationships between all the characters. The dialogue was real, and the bits of humor lightened things up a bit.” Inkberry Books

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