Small-town heiress, Arden Butler, is as pragmatic and rational as they come. Until the worst snowstorm in Missouri history throws a wrench in the well-laid machinery of her life’s plans. That wrench comes in the form of her rescuer, hunky, flirtatious mechanic, Travis Lanier.

Travis, a live-in-the-moment, romantic-at-heart kind of guy, isn’t too interested in the spoiled, ice queen he’s been forced to rescue. But that doesn’t mean he won’t try to get her into bed. Until he gets to know her, and suddenly wants so much more.

After five days snowbound together, Arden and Travis find themselves forever changed. Returning to their regularly scheduled lives proves more difficult than either of them would have expected. When events ranging from troublesome to tragic interfere in Travis’s life, Arden is forced to choose. She can have the pristine future she has planned with her fiancé. Or she can embrace the messier, albeit more passionate, life with Travis. The result is a struggle to balance reason and romance, passion and practicality. And to ultimately find happiness and a forever kind of love.